Back to 2013! Thorsten Heins was right about the Future of Tablets!

Back in 2013, CEO of BlackBerry at the time, Thorsten Heins, in an interview for Bloomberg released an opinion that in 5 Years there would be no reason to have a Tablet!

"In five years I don't think there will be a reason to have a tablet anymore..." - said Heins

At the time, this quote from Heins generated much criticism of the CEO of BlackBerry with comments completely out of context and making comparison with the increase sales on the Playbook rivals.

Was Heins wrong afterall? NOPE! Heins was indeed right! According to IDC, the Shrinking Tablet market continues its spiraling decline for third consecutive year [1][2][3][4].

IDC did not say why people are buying less tablets than before. Analyst firms have previously attributed the spiraling tablet market to factors like the rise of oversized smartphones known as phablets, a lack of innovative products... - Fortune Feb, 02, 2017.

Tablets may have shown great promise and enthusiasm when they first arrive, expected for households and offices forecast to ditch their computers for portable touchscreens. But nobody seems to need them as much anymore!

Heins' vision was that in 5 years you would not need to walk with a Smartphone and a Tablet or laptop in hand. If your smartphone can run an e-mail program and connect to a full Bluetooth keyboard, optical mouse (or trackpad) and an HDMI monitor, then why not just connect your smartphone through a dock station and use it for remote access? This is the concept of mobile computing that Heins envisioned for the BlackBerry 10 platform, providing your entire working environment on your Smartphone.

5 yeas was the deadline for the BlackBerry 10 system to mature and be able to provide Mobile Computing, performing computer-like processing tasks. In addition to the fact that users was demanding a switch to bigger screens on smartphones back in 2013, which has become a trend these days.

“With smartphones becoming larger and more powerful, and our research showing that millennials typically prefer laptops to tablets, it seems that the tablet may be getting harder to swallow for consumers,” said Paul Lee, head of TMT research at Deloitte.

Tablets has become absorved into smartphones with bigger screens and hybrid notebooks. Tablets without a dedicated keyboard are becoming irrelevant.

Heins was right about the Future of Tablets, not just in the Corporate environment!

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