BlackBerry Icon Arrives on Font Awesome

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The wait is over! For many years, Font Awesome has ignored BlackBerry due to the company's decline on the smartphone market. But with the company turnaround, the tech market and eventually Font Awesome realized that BlackBerry was not just a smartphone manufacter, and the recent rise on its software business has got the canadian company back in the spotlight, this time on it's true value - SECURITY AND PRIVACY!

Well, back in 2015 I announced IcoBerry, a webfont with 13 icons and glyphs from the BlackBerry Community, giving you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized with the power of CSS. Unfortunately due to limited time, IcoBerry remains in BETA till this date only used my myself and some close partners. Check out IcoBerry in action HERE!

In 2016 when I was preparing the Beta phase for IcoBerry, a developer from Font Awesome approached me on Twitter and during a light discussion this developer said that BlackBerry icon was not present, neither was in plans as the company was dead! WTF!? Like I said above, they didn't know about BlackBerry!

Anyway, the wait is over and Font Awesome finally brought BlackBerry icon to its icon pack.

You can start using the BlackBerry Icon with Font Awesome 5.

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