DeltaT Augmented Reality Game Arrives To Rivalry With Ingress

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Delta T Location Based MMO

Delta T is an Augmented Reality Game that arrives with the challenge to face Ingress. The game has an interesting storyline and a more complex gameplay. It is an Augmented Reality Location based MMO with in depth clan gameplay.

The gameplay of Delta T revolves around adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the real-world environments of players using Augmented Reality. The player is able to decide their gameplay style and play at their own pace. Traveling across the map provides the player to capture cores and other itens scattered far from it's present location or set up a stronghold and dominate in a single territory by planting cores and connecting to a base nearby.

Similar to Ingress, Delta T acts as a catalyst encouraging players to travel, meet and strategize with fellow gamers in the real world to conquer the virtual world.

The primary goal of the game requires players to engage with other players to achieve common goals for their Megacorp.

We’ve always found explanations for things we don’t understand in ‘God’, somehow the idea of an invisible puppet master pulling the strings of the universe appeals to us. It gives us a sense of meaning, of fate, of destiny.

Imagine if the ‘strings of the universe’ were in our hands, would we do better? The smartest minds of our generation have told us, we may be living in a simulation. If so what is the code behind it? What if we could infect it, change it, manipulate this ‘cosmic code’.

Enter the universe of ‘Delta T’, an attempt to rewrite destiny. Choose from four Megacorps each with their own patented tech and a unique vision for our world.

Join the battle as ‘Timekeepers’, capable of influencing the string network, pledge your allegiance to the Megacorp of your choice. Erase the timelines of your rival Megacorps to fight for and craft the future you believe in.

Delta T Beta Features:

Location based Augmented Reality MMO with strategic elements Explore and find artifacts from the future hidden around you. In depth virtual economy with mining, crafting, trade and more. Strategize with friends, battle it out with rival players and lead your Megacorp to victory.

Form Clans with friends. Build and defend your Clan Bases Construct impenetrable Clan Bases in the real world powered by Energy Cores. Fortify your base with strategic mods and protect your clan from enemy attack.

Tailor your capabilities with Skill Tree Tailor your gameplay with the Skill Tree system. Each level up unlocks skill points that allow you to customize your abilities.

Wage worldwide Megacorp battles for global dominance Battle rival Megacorps to alter their timelines. Connect allied clan bases to fight enemy clusters across the world.

Simulate your strategies and collaborate on Battle Maps Use Battle Maps to plan out every small detail, become a military strategist and use surveillance data to help steer your Megacorp to victory.

First Impressions


  • Daily Rewards
  • Clans
  • Crafting
  • Battle System (Coming Soon!)
  • 4 Megacorps to Choose
  • In-Game Store


  • Mining System
  • Owned Cores not trackable withing the App
  • Bases Creation

Mining for Itens

Mining consists on gathering resources nearby. When you hit Mining, the game will scanners the area for itens nearby and will provide up to six items. After a player chooses an item, the game provides four areas that intercalates between them. The area in common is where the item is located. A B C D is shown to guide players for the scavenger hunt for the item. Honestly I find this Mining system useless and boring!

Delta T Beta is now live and I already jumped in to the action. The game is perfect for Ingress agents as it brings lots of similarities when it comes to gameplay. If you would like to join the BETA, let me know and I'll shoot an invite.

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