DeltaT Battle Map revealed!

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DeltaT Battle Map

Delta T Battle Map feature is now live – Find cores, bases across the globe and simulate Cluster Battles.

Check out Battle Map here – Go to Battle Map

The new update released today brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements, including a great improvement to the Mining for Itens system.

Bug fixes:

Fractal Mining mechanism has been polished

  • Radius (distance) that items spawn in has been reduced
  • Distance to each item will now be displayed on items found screen
  • Map view will automatically be zoomed out during Mining

Google Sign in issues resolved

  • Daily Login bonus fixed
  • More Auto planted cores (POIs) added
  • In game invite system fixed
  • Clan privileges modified
  • Range parameter has been added for X Mod (in km)
  • Balancing issues fixed (Scrapping, XP)
  • List of actions to gain XP modified - Planting Core, Capture, Upgrade Core, Unlock Generator, Planting Base, Destroying Base, Crafting, Core to Base Connection, Base to Base Connection, Core Neutralizing, Core Level Down.

Glad that Mining got improvements. Despite still a boring system to gather resources, it's now better to actually locate the itens.

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