Galaxy Warfare | Grid-Based Space Exploration And Combat Game

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Galaxy Warfare is a grid-based space exploration and combat game. Easy to jump in, but difficult to master, the players each control a ship and are free to explore a X,Y based galaxy filled with planets, resources, mysteries and tons of adventures. Players also engage in combat, form fleets, enhance their ship and systems and fight to control the galaxy.

3 factions fight for control of the Galaxy and surviving requires keen decision making, forming alliances and perform enhancements on tour ship.

The ship can be upgraded in different ways and you can also install additional components on your ship. Valuable items can be received by finding them on planets, winning them in the auction, purchasing them from the shop or you can destroy other players and get some of their items.


Humans and Terai have long been at war. Out of the ruin of Earth came the Earth Empire, a force struggling to maintain control of the Galaxy and it’s resources. The Terai, a brutal alien race continue to expand their power. An ancient civilization known as the Tularians hold the key to unlocking the secret of a great energy source, but which faction will find and control this energy and win the war.


  • Status: On Going
  • Business Model: Free to Play
  • Developer: Magic and Wires
  • Publisher: Magic and Wires
  • Category: Browser
  • Genre(s): 2D, MMO, Adventure, RPG, Sci-Fi, Simulation
  • Platforms: PC, Mobile

Neutral Zone


It’s a rather fun, enjoyable and addictive browser MMO game, packed with a great community and staff members. From the same developer of Destiny RPG and HS2 – HaloSphere2.

The game is 100% browser free to play game and can be played at, also on Mobile Browser, Android and iOS.

Fight for your faction! Control the Galaxy!

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