Hello, I'm Back... Again!

/ quenquen

EDIT: I recently changed the platform of my site and blog into something sleek, modern and fresh. It will take a while to retrieve all best blog posts from the older blog. Perhaps I'll get just the best ones as the list is huge since 2011 lol

Guess Who's back again? lol New Year, Old Blog but new blogging... For 2017 I've decided to get back on my personal blog and will bring a variety content that interests me, pretty much as before, such as: Coding, Design, Marketing, Geek, Beer, BlackBerry, Tech and more...

You can find my inner Geek at Nothing But Geek.

Feliz 2017! Estou voltando com o meu blog trazendo conteúdos interessantes de meu interesse. heheheh...

Vocês podem me encontrar também no BerrySocialBr, SapohaGeek e no Nothing But Geek (Inglês).

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