Ingress Mod Band by Nex Evolution

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Ingress Mod Band

The Nex Evolution is a minimalist wearable band with no display that includes five touch sensitive lenses (buttons), called Mods, that can be customized to suit user needs through the Nex app (available for Android and iOS) and light up to provide phone notifications. The Nex Evolution is also a fitness tracker and Mods are used to control music, send messages, interact with games and with a variety of IOT devices. The five "Mods" have individual lights that can be customized to do different things in a tap, programmed with IFTTT (When | Do).

The Ingress Mod Band, made in partnership with Niantic, is a limited edition that brings in all of the same features of the Nex Evolution, but packs custom lights, such as Faction Mods for faction or team-specific notifications, and game-centric actions to automate Ingress functionality. Users will be able to trigger Ingress sound effects, share a location, receive special in-game transmissions and more without the need to open the scanner. One great action is to allow the agent to drop a pin on the map without going to the scanner, so this can alert the team to mobilize on a OP. Hacks and deployment is not yet possible.

The Nex Evolution will go on sale in February and will cost $79.99. Ingress Mod Band pricing and availability has yet to be announced by Niantic.

As an Enlightened Agent and huge fan of IFTTT, this wearable looks amazing and very interesting. Go Enlightened!

via Android Central, 9to5Google

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