RPG for Destiny Alpha2 Stage Coming September 1st!

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Destiny RPG is a light-weight text based role playing game with modern and mobile friendly user interface. The game, currently in Alpha, is getting ready for the next Alpha Stage this next September 1st and a full reset will be done in order to get a better balance and prepare the base core for the next additions from Destiny 2.

An alpha is essentially getting mechanics in place, getting some things sorted and finding out what seemingly simple event cascades into another. It is the guinea pig part of the game, and while we thought we had most things considered, there were a few things that simply had not been factored in. It is a learning process, and without you, we simply would not be able to continue with the work and we thank you for tolerating our mistakes and our assumptions.

Alpha Stage 2 brings a much more finished product and we get integrating mechanics from Destiny 2 into the current platform, hence the need for a full reset.


  • Xur changes, more standardized selection (More changes will follow after Destiny 2 release)
  • New Generation, but it is not BETA
  • Cryptarch adjustments
  • Locations will now have “zoned” instances that are level locked. So players will only be battling the same enemy pool as other players in their level range.
  • Enemies now backfill areas every 2 minutes. No more need to clear an area in order for new enemies to spawn!
  • Bounty changes and rewards adjustments
  • New enemies, Ultras, and Public Events
  • Slight change to infusions and dismantling
  • Planets and some other locations will now be level locked
  • Some items now have level requirements in order to use/receive them
  • Plethora of bug fixes
  • General backend changes and improvements

If you play DestinyRPG, like myself, your Guardians will still be in place with their full stats but you will not be able to use them moving forward. Here's what remains for your profile on Alpha2:

  • Achievements
  • Clans (Ranks will be reset but you can keep your clan)
  • Grimoire Progress
  • Any contest rewards (Contest Sparrows will be level locked to be in line with when other players can get something similar, but will not cost glimmer)
  • Any Alpha rewards we give out for playing. (TBD)

It’s a fresh start and I’m sure it’s worth it. Looking forward to September 1st for the fresh start and check the new stuff.

Come Be A Part Of It!

Check the full announcement for alpha2 on REDDIT.

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